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Records: Special Committee toward Area Fire Financing, 1867–1893

Records: Special Committee toward Area Fire Financing, 1867–1893

Scope and you may Content

The latest collection include Flame Mortgage Bonds (1867–1887, bulk 1873–1882), Flame Loan Cash book (1875–1887), Flames Loan Notices (1875–1878), and you can reduce information (1869–1893).

The fresh Fire Mortgage Ties integrate that ledger you to facts the latest transactions to the personal flames financing. Records regarding the ledger is: label out of debtor, dysfunction out of package mortgaged plus venue and you will dimensions (does not include factual statements about buildings to your assets), level of fire financing securities, and you may transactions on every account. For each entryway, the new left hand side of the page contains the debts (i.elizabeth. times and you will quantities of money considering the membership) therefore the right-hand side of web page contains costs (we.elizabeth. schedules and quantities of repayments made to the city of the issuer; possibly become remarks regarding destiny of thread otherwise possessions, such as for example sales, membership compensated, etcetera.). Brand new ledger is actually arranged alphabetically, from the earliest letter of your own issuer’s last label. The fresh new arrangement is not completely alphabetical and lots of entries is actually aside from sequence, like at the end of this new ledger. A collection exists early in the newest ledger.

The fresh new Fire Financing Cash book try a single ledger, create chronologically, you to records the fresh new transactions of your Urban area Treasury towards fire financing bonds. Each left hand web page contains amounts entering the town (payments created by anyone towards the interest, insurance, taxation, etc.). The right hands pages incorporate amounts being paid down because of the town (acquisition of brings and bonds, percentage from condition taxes, functional can cost you, etcetera.). A great recapitulation of your account are showed after annually, while it began with 1879. This new ledger boasts the brands men and women carrying out fire mortgage transactions on city, however, does not contain detailed talks out-of particular services.

The latest Flame Financing Notices is certainly one likely volume of notices out of sacrificed mortgage loans. For each and every notice provides the title of the individual so you can which the brand new loan is actually awarded, time away from issuance, level of mortgage, malfunction off assets, overdue count ultimately causing forfeiture, and you will date regarding observe. Notices are listed in order from find count, approximately chronological because of the season. An inventory is included early in the amount.

The Sagging Product consist of Flames Loan membership, Flame Mortgage listings, and you will various records. Fire Loan membership files contain information on individual flames money, setup alphabetically because of the past label away from mortgage https://cashcentralpaydayloans.com/payday-loans-fl/ recipient. People profile applied from the a 3rd party is filed under the assets user’s identity, having a great redirection maker filed beneath the trustee’s label. The brand new membership records contain files such as for example bond programs, promo codes, bonds, mortgage loans, invoices, deposit glides, income tax executions, and you can permits of view. This new contents of the fresh records is inconsistent and vary inside the completeness. Flame Mortgage listing incorporate learn listing away from flame financing bonds gathered by Charleston Town Treasurer out-of 1875–1887. The vast majority of directories are set-up alphabetically by history name of financing readers and you may includes suggestions such as for instance amount of financing, big date of loan, place and you can malfunction out of assets, appeal accumulated, and you can state away from installment. The newest data files in addition to contain directories documenting condition taxation and you can postings from ties by matter. The latest miscellaneous files have financial documentation related to new management out-of new Fire Financing Financing, also invoices, put slips, and you will interaction, dated 1875–1892.

Records: Unique Committee on the Urban area Fire Mortgage, 1867–1893

Of the 100 and you can twenty-five candidates illustrated included account data, 11 can be definitely recognized as African american and you will twenty-seven because females. Eighty-four services about Flame Loan documents is readily plotted on the a map. Of the amount, thirty-three (roughly 40%) are located over the street off destruction of one’s flame away from 1861, with an additional 9 about immediate location. 1

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